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The old cars are fun too! The 1954 Chevy project is going to be on the road again in 2010. The style is old school hot rod with a pumped up 235, including dual carbs, headers, cam and more. The car will be stock other than a 2" drop and the pumped up engine. This 54 is like our oldest son Paul's 54 (his is orange). Lorry has named the car "Lime-a-bean" (the car is green).

The 1948 International is a family heirloom from the South Dakota ranch. The story goes like this: Uncle Ed purchased this truck new in 1948. My Dad and his brothers worked on the farm where this truck was used in the 40s & 50s. My uncle Gib drove this truck on the ranch in S.D. when he was a kid. In the early 90s Gib was in S.D. and found the 48 International in the ranch junk pile with a hole in the block and up to its axles in the mud. Gib dug her out of the mud found an engine and drove, YES DROVE her home to Kenai, Alaska. Gib gave me the truck last year to restore. So I, with fewer guts than uncle Gib, put her on a truck and shipped her to California. We are now going to fix up the truck and have it here at our ranch for the family to drive around and remember the good old days.

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