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This 1947 Stinson 108-2 project is our company plane and is not for sale. The project is an airframe/engine rebuild. The aircraft was purchased from Rodger Mcanally of Oklahoma. Rodger has been a long time family friend and has made Stinson trips to Alaska with our family. So when I found out that he wanted to sell the Stinson, I went back to Oklahoma and flew her home to California. This aircraft is going to be used for our business. The project includes a Bobcat Conversion. Check out this conversion at ( ). We just completed the rebuild of the 180hp 0-360A1A that powers the 108-2. We are recovering the wings, adding new avionics and big tires. Stay in touch and check out the photo link from time to time to get the updates on this project. Lorry has named the Stinson "Grasshopper"   

The Piper J-3 pictured is our family's plane. It is almost bone stock including the A-65 and the one gas tank. It was brought home in pieces on a trailer about 10 years ago. I, my dad and our youngest son Scott (about 11 years old at the time) put the pieces back together and few days after it was finished he and my father flew the Cub to the east coast and back. Scott soloed in this Cub on his 16th birthday and is now a commercial pilot in Alaska. Our youngest Daughter Masie, pictured with the Cub is waiting for her 16th Birthday, so she can be the next one to solo in the Cub.   

Jeff Veal

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